Based out of Leicestershire, Prep Perfect is a premiere meal preparation company offering customers a range of high quality and nutritional ready made meals, all to fit in with their specific dietary requirements and fitness goals.

Web Development

We created a new website highlighting the high-quality food and delivery service, with an emphasis on the wider health benefits for customers. Focusing content on all aspects of health, including exercise, nutrition, mental health and wellness, we positioned them as the place to go for tips and advice on healthy living.

PPC Campaign

We did a complete overhaul of their account structure and strategy, to streamline the process and align with best practices and get the best results. This involved keyword targeting, audience targeting, ad text, ad scheduling and device targeting.

SEO & Content

We created dedicated SEO anding pages for each of our personas, targeting the types of keywords each would use. This enabled us to establish and grow search presence for Prep Perfect, whilst bringing highly targeted, relevant organic traffic to the site.

49% increase in organic transactions

121% increase in PPC conversion rate

50% increase in overall revenue

Landing Page

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