Creative Campaigns

Creative campaigns
that make an impact.

Creative campaigns allow your business to create a defining point of differentiation for your product or service, building brand loyalty and powering your growth plans.

The best creative campaigns are experimental, emotive, thought-provoking, inspirational and are implemented using a carefully selected mixed media strategy.

A creative campaign has similar drivers to foundation marketing campaigns, but is usually inspired by a desire to help the business take the next step in its promotional plan.

Quick Reel

Here are some quick examples of recent creative campaign projects completed by the Elephant Digital design team. For our full creative campaign portfolio please view our work section.

What is a Creative Campaign?

A creative concept is an overarching “Big Idea” that captures audience interest, influences their emotional response and inspires them to take action. It is a unifying theme that can be used across all campaign messages, calls to action, communication channels and audiences.

Typically, the creative concept is embodied in a headline, tagline and a key visual. Successful creative concepts are distinctive, memorable, unifying and relevant. Some examples include: Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign and the “I’m Loving it” campaign from McDonalds.

Campaigns are usually rolled out across all media formats for maximum exposure, but can also be used in isolation for niche campaigns or for a specific segments. Creative campaigns can be used by companies of all sizes looking to make an impact in their market.

Why Invest in Creative Campaigns?

Content marketing can be a powerful and direct route to bringing in new customers:

  • Differentiation: In a crowded market a creative campaign can make the difference between reaching your audience and being lost in the noise. Once your brand is established your customers will crave something fresh and original that will catch their attention and inspire them to action.
  • Strong ROI: Correctly implemented, a creative marketing campaign can provide a fantastic return on an investment. Creative campaigns with original ideas have a proven ROI when followed through all your marketing channels and positioned correctly with your audience.
  • Brand refresh: A creative campaign can refresh and reawaken a tired product or service, providing an internal and external feel-good catalyst giving your customers and staff a new reason to champion your product or service.

How does Elephant deliver Creative Campaigns?

Our creative campaign process has three phases of work:

  • Brainstorm and strategy: The first campaign deliverable is a brainstorming process which includes a series of interactive workshops and creative sessions to come up with campaign ideas. Alongside this we will work to confirm the audience requirements and the supporting strategy to take the campaign to market.
  • Campaign creative: We will take the best 2-3 ideas and craft a creative concept for each. Once a final campaign idea has been chosen we will explore this idea with further concepts and mock-up work to present a full flavour for the campaign. The core idea for the campaign could be presented in many formats such as video, audio, advertising, guerilla marketing or a digital campaign.
  • Campaign launch: With the campaign creative selected we will work with you to create a launch and support plan to roll out the new campaign. Creative assets will be created including website artwork, on and offline advertising and printed collateral. Our digital marketing team can then support you with the tactical implementation of the new campaign.

Campaign Management

Your campaign will be managed by Amy Trumpeter, our Client Services Manager, as a single point of contact. As a seasoned creative campaigns expert, Amy will manage our relationship with you, as well as our internal team to deliver your social media campaign.

During the planning phase Amy will create a detailed campaign plan with clear milestones and actions for all parties to review and agree prior to commencement. Amy will conduct monthly and quarterly campaign update meetings to ensure strong communication is maintained.

We use a variety of campaign management tools to deliver your creative campaign, including platforms such as Basecamp, Google Analytics and Google Docs. Clients will be provided access to required tools at the outset of the project.

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