Technical SEO

There are a lot of aspects that combine to make up the broad technical SEO term, in the simplest possible way it is everything that is related to the more complex workings that are mainly located within the code of the site. They are the bones that make up the structure of the site and allow it to rank, whether it’s focusing on allowing your page to be indexed and ranked, user experience on the site and the site speed. Making your domain technically viable for SEO is the first step that should be taken following an SEO audit.

Indexing and Crawling your site with Technical SEO

Technical SEO makes sure that your website is set up and ready to be crawled and indexed by Google. There may be some issues or problems with your domain that are causing it to not get picked up properly, and there may be some pages that are problematic which will need to be fixed before anything else can be done to those pages. You want the majority of the pages on your site to be indexed and crawled, but sometimes you can encounter new problems with specific pages which will need to be actioned as soon as possible.

Defining your user’s experience

Often when designing a site it can be easy to forget that the user experience is what should be defined at the start. Being one of the most important factors that Google considers when ranking pages it is becoming increasingly vital to get this right. Interactivity and allowing the user to navigate your page effectively is essential to any SEO strategy and effective web design.

We know how important UX is and how it fits into the technical SEO branch, we will provide you with plenty of recommendations to make your overall user experience better and work with you to create or improve a website in order for it to be the very best. We will make sure that everything we do will be documented and that you can collaborate with us in order to make the changes that you are happy with.

Technical SEO makes your website more accessible

As John Mueller points out, while not a ranking factor directly it affects SEO due to the site being un-interactive. This is in part to the inclusivity of the web becoming so much more important, and it also makes sense from a marketing perspective. You want as many customers as possible and if they are able to access and use your site effectively it can make the difference between them clicking off and buying a product. This is achieved through a variety of methods, such as alt text which is text that appears when an image can’t be loaded and it tells the user what it is. It is also picked up by voice recognition software, and is important to have it be descriptive.

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