SEO Reporting

When it comes to updating our SEO strategy over time when it comes to working on your site, there is nothing more important than the data we get from our SEO reports. They have detailed information pertaining to how the rankings changed over time, it lets us know the history of your site, how it has performed in the past and what are the lessons we can take forward to get it ranking even higher.

Google Analytics is key in SEO Reporting

Google has actually helped the SEO world immensely by providing us with a tool which helps you gauge exactly how your users are interacting with your site. Giving us information on which pages are popular, how the conversions perform across different products and the location the customers are visiting from it informs everything about our strategy and helps us to understand how to tackle the SEO on your website. The information we gather from analytics can make a huge difference between tens of rankings, simply because it tells you exactly what is happening on your domain.

SEO Reporting can take your campaign to the next level

Our extensive SEO reporting will encompass not only the statistics but it will contain recommendations and ways you can improve your site. If there are issues spotted that would require pages to be removed or changed drastically in order to rank them you will find this out here, naturally all of this will be backed up with data as proving that a page doesn’t work is more important than just a simple glance.

Detailed SEO reports let you know how you can expand the scope of your campaign, when it starts performing really well you might want to target new keywords around your products or services. You can see opportunities open up for setting new goals and curating a plan. If the reports indicate that in general the site is underperforming you might consider a new design or a shift in the way the site looks. Every single piece of data that we provide you with will give you insights into how to improve your rankings, but that is not the only important aspect.

Making use of our SEO Reporting will help you set targets

When you receive a comprehensive SEO report from us you will start to realise how dedicated our approach is to your success. With every report you will see your progress and your journey to the top of the ranking and as you see them it might inspire you to change around your goals. If you see a keyword underperforming which you want focused on, it lets us find new ways to approach it and change around our priorities around your needs. It’s a cooperative and synergistic approach to reach the top. If you can understand and give us feedback based on them, we can then cater our strategy exactly to help you hit your targets.

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