SEO Audit

At the start of a campaign we will always perform an SEO audit. This will let us know exactly what will need to be done during the course of your campaign, we will delve into the SEO errors that are on your domain, we’ll have a thorough look at what has been done in the past on the site and if there were any SEO parts that were missed.

You will discover plenty of parts that you didn’t consider prior to receiving the audit, when websites are built optimising for search engines isn’t considered as a priority and it can lead to low rankings. With every SEO audit our goal is to find ways to improve your domain and lead it to the top of the page 1 results.

SEO Audit with In-Depth Analysis

We will analyse the site full during the SEO audit, looking at aspects of various pages that may be holding them back from ranking. Whether this is related to best practices not being done on the site, or Google ranking factors that haven’t been considered in the writing of the content or the overall user experience of the site. We will look at the content through the E-A-T model which Google has stated to be a ranking signal.

Spending time understanding what could be holding your site back from performing highly in the rankings is extremely important, keyword research will let you know how achievable certain rankings are and help you set your goals. With an SEO audit we can create a timeline and set realistic deadlines for when work needs to be done and when you can expect your results to show.

Letting the SEO Audit dictate our Strategy

By looking at the technical aspects of SEO and seeing if the website matches up to the current standards we can provide you with recommendations, and allow us to do more efficient SEO work on it once we have started.

Any SEO audit should be comprehensive and provide a good outline for the basis of the plan, and coming back and doing consistent audits will yield great results as our strategy will evolve over the course of the campaign.

Making the most of an SEO Audit

Many companies will provide you with volumes of data which will look presentable and you could get some insights out of it, but it will not mean much to you. We only focus on the most important aspects of the SEO audit and get your site up and running on the search engine rankings as a priority.

Having a realistic outlook on what is achievable is a big help, this is because SEO can be volatile and ranking factors can change with an update to the ranking algorithm. We are always on top of Google updates and will be able to tell you exactly how our strategy will need to change by performing future audits.

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