Content Marketing

Your website should have a strong content marketing strategy from the outset, this is because content carries so much weight in SEO. It can be the difference maker for all keyword rankings provided it’s done correctly and optimised for those keywords. Content that is easy to read, informs the user and is written well is the foundation of all underlying strategies since it encompasses everything that will appear on the page for every single potential client that will come to your website.

Content Marketing can help your organic link building

When writing content we make sure that it will be easy to consume and share, on average most people will read a piece of content for a minute and then look around it for relevant information that they want to find. We work with this in mind and make sure that we have the highest quality content available, which is also to the point and helps users find exactly what they are looking for.

If the blogs you’re writing as part of your content marketing strategy stand out and are relevant to the industry you might find that links are naturally being built to them simply because of how good they are. If they answer questions that your potential customers might be asking then that’s even better, as it also means that when people search for that query in their search engine of choice your blog could very well be the first one that appears. This is doubly true if they have expertise on a specific topic which your competition hasn’t covered at all.

High Quality Content makes your site stand out

Plenty of companies forgo the importance of content marketing when it comes to maximising their gains when it comes to marketing and SEO. The truth is that what separates the best companies in any given industry is the strength and readability of their content. You can make your website truly shine if your content is written with the search intent of your users in mind, it’s all well and good to show off your products and services with long descriptions but if that can’t convince your potential customers to buy them then it’s a waste of page space.

We aim to make our Content Marketing evergreen

Content marketing aims to make content that will last. Disposable content is something that can provide a short-term gain but if it can’t stay relevant and linkable for a long time it will eventually become a page which doesn’t need to exist on the site anymore. When we create content we will make sure that it can be something that you’re proud of and that can stay on your website for the entire duration of your site being live. We will follow the E-A-T model carefully and provide you with quality written content to allow your pages to gain traction in the keyword rankings.

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