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Top 5 marketing tips for marketing managers in 2017

7 min read

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Top 5 marketing tips for marketing managers in 2017

Author: Phil Birss
Posted in Marketing on 12th April 2017 9:00 am

Marketing managers play a key role in the success of a company and are responsible for their public image. Here are our top marketing tips for marketing managers in 2017.

Online marketing methods are constantly changing and advancing, to stay ahead of the competition and keep you connected with your target audience you must keep up to date with current trends.

Top Marketing Tips #1 – A mobile responsive website is a must for an effective digital marketing campaign.

In short, you must adapt or you will get lapped by the competition.

When consumers are surfing the net, reading emails, shopping and looking for local businesses the desktop is officially dead. We are living in a mobile-centric world where nearly 60% of global consumers use a mobile device as their primary internet source. Google has said that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% of those will then head over to a competitor.

To run an effective digital marketing campaign a mobile responsive website is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. There are more mobile devices on Earth than people and with mobile usage increasing month on month, more and more prospective customers are viewing your website from their mobile. If you use WordPress or a similar platform it’s easy to make your site mobile responsive and your website developer can make changes for you that will ensure it loads quickly on mobile devices and is user-friendly.

It’s not just consumers you need to please when it comes to organic reach, you also need to rank well in Google search. Google have said that they prefer responsive web design as the recommended mobile configuration, so it’s wise to follow suit.

This can all add up to increased conversion rates and gives your digital marketing campaign the best chance of success.

marketing tips - mobile optimisation

Top Marketing Tips #2 – Content marketing is the new SEO

It’s become a bit of a cringeworthy cliché but content is king.

Once upon a time you could create a basic WordPress site, stick in some average content, direct a few decent links towards it and you had a good chance of ranking. Admittedly not the holy grail of page 1 position 1 in most cases, but customers would be able to find you.

Nowadays competition is fierce and Google won’t just allow any old website to creep up the rankings. Your website needs to be good, have top quality content that satisfies your intended consumer’s needs, have an abundance of organic links and thousands of social shares.

This is no mean feat.

To achieve this, you need to understand that content marketing and SEO go hand in hand, you can’t have success in one without the other. SEO makes demands and content marketing fulfils those demands. In order to run a successful SEO campaign that gets your site in front of your customers, you need to invest in excellent quality relevant content that is carefully keyword optimised (beware, overoptimise and Google might stick you in the sandbox) and have some great organic bank links. To get these links, you need killer content that is worth linking to and sharing on social media.

Most crucially it must be consistent, Google bots love fresh content and will index it swiftly. If you have a constant stream of fresh content Google will be your best friend and will give you a helping hand up the rankings.

Top Marketing Tips #3 – Social media does NOT work without paid social ads

Social media marketing has become less about sharing and more about advertising.

To drive traffic to your site and get your audience to take action, creating a business page and sharing content isn’t enough. You need well thought out paid ad campaigns that have a specific intention. Social networks want to make money and they know social media is a key part of many businesses marketing campaigns, so they limit your organic reach.

If you want to reach a mass audience you have to pay for it.

It’s important to not rush in all guns blazing, be smart, start small and know exactly what your goal is. Ensure you are sharing your own content, you are appealing to your target audience and your posts include a call to action. Otherwise, you will just end up wasting your budget and get no return.

Initially, you should distribute your budget equally across several posts and find out what gets your audience liking, commenting, retweeting and ultimately taking action. Once you have discovered what makes your audience tick you can reduce the number of paid ads you put out and increase your spend on each one.

Social media is a potential goldmine when used well.

If you would like to learn more about this, read our blog which is totally dedicated to the topic – Social media does not work without adverts!

Marketing tips - social media

Top Marketing Tips #4 – Landing pages are essential in maximising your conversion

First impressions count.

So, when a prospective customer has clicked on your ad, the objective of the page they land on must match the intention of the ad. If it doesn’t you’re just paying for clicks that will, in a lot of cases, amount to nothing.

You often find many companies will spend a lot of money on carefully targeted advertising campaigns, only to fall short on the click through. It’s a simple concept, if your advert is product specific, your landing page should be too, to encourage the potential customer to buy the product that ignited their interest when they saw your ad.

Many companies, however, use their homepage as a landing page, homepages tend to be more generalised and more likely lose the interest of the customer.

For each advert, you must have a landing page that is specifically designed to capture information and convert the audience that comes through. It should enable you to target your audience and offer value whilst capturing information about who they are and ultimately convert into a lead or sale.

Landing pages are cheap and easy to create and can really boost your business, the more pages you have the more opportunities to convert visitors into customers you will gain.

Top Marketing Tips #5 – Videos on your website are dead. 2017 is all about live streaming content

Visual content rules over written content, in general people, engage more with moving images than they do with written word. Since the introduction of Facebook Live, live streaming has become increasingly popular and a lucrative way to engage with your audience and gain feedback.

The internet can be a precarious place and consumers are becoming more and more cautious and mistrusting of information and adverts they are presented with online. Streaming live to your audience allows you to connect on a more personal level with your customers and enrich the customer experience. Ditching the script and interacting with your customers in real time can create trust and break down barriers.

Companies now use live streaming for a broad range of interactions. Many use live streaming to hold Q&As with customers and chat on a more personal one to one basis. It’s a great tool for special announcements, product launches and live events such as talks, concerts and conferences, and more and more brands are using it to give fans a ‘behind the scenes glimpse’. Live streaming puts the consumer at the heart of the action and is a powerful tool in a world where human interaction is becoming ever more automated.

Live streaming is a simple and effective way to engage with and expand your audience and increase brand awareness. Just remember not to treat it like a produced video, have a plan but don’t be too polished, interact with your audience and engage in conversation. Use it to show your customers you value them, let them know you care and most of all have fun with it!

We hope that you enjoyed our top 5 marketing tips for marketing managers. If you would like help with your marketing please do not hesitate to contact us. At Elephant Digital, we love to help marketing managers to get it right.

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