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How will future technologies change the marketing world

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How will future technologies change the marketing world

Author: Phil Birss
Posted in Technology on 5th June 2018 9:17 am

Marketing and technology are intrinsically linked. As technology has advanced and changed the way we engage with the world, so too has the way that marketers have used those technologies to engage with us. This trend has been most apparent in recent years with the developments in social media and how it has drastically changed the marketing landscape. Turning a primarily broadcast focused industry into one that is completely focused on two way conversations between brands and customers.

In this article we take a look at some of the upcoming advances in technology and how they may change the marketing world.

Hyperloop One

When you think marketing, your first thought is not likely to be transportation. However, advances in transportation technology are likely to drastically change the marketing world in the coming years. Take for example the potential that Hyperloop One has to drastically shorten the length it takes to get from one destination to another. In fact, major routes such as those from Bristol to London may be shortened from 1hr 17mins down to 17mins in total!

Innovations like this are likely to change the way we live and work. This will certainly change the way that local marketing works and offer up new opportunities. Where businesses in one area may have previously focused on just marketing to those within the city, their scope now opens much wider. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI is big news in the marketing world. We are already seeing versions of this being used in chatbots by a number of brands, these are acting as agents on platforms from Facebook Messenger through to WhatsApp, giving potential customers insight and information and even let them buy directly from the app.

As this technology progresses we are likely to see further advancements such as hyper-specific content that could be personalised to every single reader based on their interests. We will also see much more intelligent chatbots that can cross over between text, voice and even touch, delivering more precise information much quicker.


The use of robots is already prolific in marketing. As automation has been a continuing trend, many of the simple tasks within the marketing sphere have been adopted by robots. This is used widely in email marketing and social media marketing where large percentages of processes have been handed over to the control of clever software.

We are likely to see this advancing more in the coming years, which will lead to many marketing roles becoming a lot more human focused and strategic in their nature.

Voice Search

Connected in many ways to artificial intelligence, but certainly worthy of its own mention is voice search. This innovation has already shaken up the world of search marketing and it set to continue to do so. In fact, ComScore estimates that by 2020, more than half of all searches will be done via voice search. With all search previously having been text based, in the coming years there are going to be huge opportunities for quick thinking marketers to take advantage of the nuances of voice search.

Autonomous Vehicles

The second time we have mentioned innovations in transportation in this article. Autonomous vehicles are huge news and are likely to revolutionise the way we get around in coming years. Quite simply put, as drivers attention comes away from the road it will provide opportunities for marketers to tap into it somehow.

This article has covered the various areas of technological advancement that are likely to change the way in which we market and are marketed to. With so many of these changes on the brink of being mainstream we shouldn’t have to wait long to see some of them happening around us.

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