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How does your company’s brand affect your website?

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How does your company’s brand affect your website?

Author: Phil Birss
Posted in Branding on 15th April 2018 4:57 pm

The term ‘brand’ is widely used, but not necessarily widely understood. When it comes down to it, your business brand is everything that your business represents. It is how it presents itself and how that presentation comes to mean something in the eyes of your customers. Having a strong brand allows you to maintain trust without having to earn it every time your customer comes to buy.

It is undeniable that brands are powerful, yet many businesses poorly utilise that power when developing one of their most important marketing assets; their website. Understanding how branding can affect your website will ensure that you integrate and leverage it to your benefit. In this article we run through the aspects of your website that can be impacted by your brand.

Consistency of Image

The most commonly understood benefit of good branding is that it lends consistency across all business communications. Ensuring that your brand is considered when creating your website will provide direction for much of the design. For example, if you run a luxury handbag business and previous branding has been about clean, simple visuals, then this should be reflected in your website image.

Working in reverse, once your website is created it will likely be the first place a potential customer becomes involved in your brand. Getting them familiar with your brand image at that point will help them to recognise it across other platforms such as on social or during remarketing, increasing sales power.

Tone of Voice

Just as important as using a consistent brand image across your website is using a consistent Tone of Voice (TOV). Put simply, this is the tone used when writing your website copy. For example, if your main customer is an older more conservative demographic your TOV would likely be more formal than if they are a younger, more casual audience.

It is important that all communications on your website are in the same TOV, from the headlines on your homepage through to the details in your blog. This will limit confusion and ensure that potential customers feel comfortable with how you talk to them.

Drives Traffic

A strong brand will drive traffic to your site. Once potential customers are familiar with your brand they will trust it and in turn are more likely to pay attention to communications that they see elsewhere.

For example, a customer that is familiar with your brand is more likely to click on one of your social media ads and engage with your landing page.


Once that potential customer is on your site they are also much more likely to convert. This is for a number of reasons. First is because of the familiarity it offers, making them feel comfortable with trusting you to deliver based on past experience.

It is also due to familiarity with your way of communicating, making it easier for them to understand what is being asked of them.

In this article we have looked at exactly how your brand will affect your website. This includes practical elements such as how it will impact your websites image and tone of voice as well as benefits including more traffic and conversions. Clearly maintaining a consistent brand across your site will allow you to benefit significantly from its presence. Adopting this approach will limit confusion and generally increase satisfaction, boosting customer loyalty.

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