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Girl Geeks, the company challenging gender stereotypes in tech.

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Girl Geeks, the company challenging gender stereotypes in tech.

Posted in Websites on 8th March 2017 9:00 am

Marketing Week recently stated that it will take an additional 24 years to close the gender pay gap. A surprising statistic considering the progression that has happened in recent years!

For International Women’s Day, we wanted to write a blog as a shout out to a Liverpool based company called Girl Geeks, who are working to make a change in an industry so often stereotyped as masculine.

What is International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a day where people across the globe celebrate their respect, appreciation, and love towards women for their economic, political and social achievements.

Every year, there is a theme for the event, with this years’ being ‘Be Bold For Change’.

With an office that is nearing to be 70% women, we wanted to write a piece on International Women’s Day to commemorate the event!

Who are Girl Geeks?

Liverpool Girl Geeks are a Liverpool based organisation dedicated to celebrating and inspiring women interested in having a career in technology.

After finding a shocking statistic that by 2040, it is estimated that 99% of the technology sector will be male, Girl Geek’s decided to make a change by hosting events, courses, and workshops to inspire and empower women in tech.

Since launching the business 2013, Co-founder’s Rebecca and Chelsea and their team of girl geeks have succeeded in making an impact in the industry within four years. Since its founding, they have partnered with other major companies such as Sky, Co-op and PlayStation!

What we’re doing here at Elephant!

We’re happy to say to that we have an incredibly talented female web developer in our team!

Frances Massie joined the herd in October last year and has grown to be a very adept and talented web developer.

We decided to ask her a few questions to see her thoughts on this topic.

Why did you decide to get into web development?

The tech industry is one of the UK’s quickest growing sectors and I wanted to be a part of it.

I wanted tangible skills that I knew what would be necessary in the future, and coding skills are more in demand than ever. I also like problem solving and being challenged, and I enjoy being able to see my work come to life. Also, as I speak English and Japanese, code seemed like another language for me to learn!

Do you feel like the gender gap in web development limited your applications?

I was a little hesitant in deciding to learn to code, aware of the stereotypes within the tech industry – careers in technology and coding still seem to many people as ‘men-only’.

People are sometimes surprised when I tell them I work in Web Development, but that simply makes me more determined to prove that women are just as capable at coding.

What is your advice for ‘girl geeks’ looking to get into web development?

1. Don’t give up. Keep at it and soon enough you’ll be wondering why you ever found something difficult in the first place.

2. Try to surround yourself with other people who know how to code, and people who have an interest in it – it will make the learning process ten times better.

3. With Web Development the learning never stops. The technology sector is constantly changing so always working to develop your skills is essential – keeping up with new trends is half the fun of the job!

If you’re interested in learning more about web development yourself or simply want to read more about this great company, take a look at Liverpool Girl Geek’s site here!

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