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Elephant Digital launches its new website (August 2017)

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Elephant Digital launches its new website (August 2017)

Author: Phil Birss
Posted in Elephant News on 15th August 2017 8:35 am

We are delighted to be launching our new website for August 2017 as part of our continued focus on improving our brand and our service offering to our customers. As a growing company, we felt that the time was right to celebrate reaching the three year milestone and preparing ourselves for the next three years.

Founded in 2014 by Rob Findlay and Phil Birss, Elephant Digital has worked with over 50 clients across a range of branding, web and digital marketing projects. We have strong client base across the UK and with projects much further afield, including East Africa, the US and the far east.

Rolling out a new website is always a tough challenge, one which we know only to well working with some great clients over the last three years to help them do so. Our new website reflects our commitment to using the latest design and coding technologies, with some great new features including:

  • SVG (retina-ready) icons across the site
  • Some clever new CSS functions (e.g ‘Make a [digital] impact’)
  • Masonry effect on our ‘Work’ section
  • ‘Read Time’ function on all our blogs
  • AJAX filters for our blog and work sections

Sharing relevant and useful content with our customers is a massive driver for us at Elephant Digital. Our mission is to help marketers and business owners plan out and execute world-class marketing campaigns, and we hope our new blog platform will help them do so. The new blog section is full of quick reads for people short on time, as well as some more in-depth articles for those looking for a deeper insight.

After three years of working with some fantastic clients we also wanted to better present our case studies, so we created an all-new Work section. You can dig deeper in to each project to better understand the client organisation, their challenges, our solutions and the results of the project.

Ultimately, we wanted our new website design to be simple and intuitive to use. Our focus was on creating a smooth and enjoyable experience for our customers, allowing them to find the information they need as quickly as possible. We are keen to practice what we preach and demonstrate our commitment to the building great website platforms.

Our managing director Phil Birss commented,

” We are so proud to be launching this new website as we prepare for our next phase of growth. On behalf of our management team I would like to extend thanks to our staff, our customers and to everyone who has helped us build a great little company.

Our ambition is to keep growing and improving our service offering to our customer, whilst investing in better technology and infrastructure for the business. Together we will make Elephant Digital a company to be proud of. “

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