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How your business can help charity on any budget

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How your business can help charity on any budget

Posted in Marketing on 15th March 2017 9:00 am

It’s fair to say that everyone likes to do good.

Most of us would even admit that we wish we did more.

Giving a few coins to the charity tub by the till, sponsoring someone’s marathon run, or donating money every month to charity satisfies our desire to help others in our community.

Why do businesses work with charities?

In a similar way to how we get a satisfaction from contributing to charities ourselves, we as consumers also appreciate companies that contribute to their communities through structured CSR (corporate social responsibility) programs.

Delivered well, a carefully considered corporate CSR program can present a softer and more human face, allowing customers to engage with the business on an emotional level.

Many companies have collaborated with charities successfully, raising large sums of money, and improving brand awareness for the cause.

Some great examples of companies who have collaborated on CSR project include:

These collaborations can significantly motivate employees of the business. It will make them feel like they’re working towards a good cause and a compassionate business.

So, how can your business help a charity?

We understand that not every business has the budget of a multinational like John Lewis and Aldi to contribute to charity.

However, many charities genuinely appreciate the smaller acts of kindness as much as the larger gestures.

Here is a list of things your business can do to help, ranging from the big-budget ideas, to the one’s that don’t cost a penny.

How your business can help a charity on any budget

  • Low Budget

One of the easiest and cheapest ways you can help your chosen charity is simply by promoting them.

Use your own online following and help a charity access your audience by retweeting them and giving their hard work a shout out!

You could also help local charities such as food banks, by donating some store cupboard essentials.

The Mission Cafe & HQ is a charity based in Liverpool city center, a short walk away from Elephant HQ. Whenever we can we call in with some basic essentials they need in the kitchen on that day.

  • Mid Budget

Something that companies of various sizes have found success in doing in the past, is holding raffles.

The biggest cost for this option is providing the prize for the raffle, however, this is up to business as it simply will act as a way to encourage your employees to get involved.

You simply sell raffle tickets to the employees and donate the proceeds of the tickets to your charity of choice!

  • Big budget

One simple but effective way your business can help a charity is by matching any donation made by your employees.

Whilst this can be expensive, all the money is given to a good cause, and matched giving often encourages employees to give more, to increase the total amount donated by the business.

Another option is to use the skills available in your own business to help your chosen charity. At Elephant Digital we have been working with Claire House for a number of years, helping to create their Claire House Cup website platform and supporting them with digital marketing.

What next?

We hope these ideas will inspire you to use your businesses to collect money for charity.

With Red Nose Day looming on the 24th of March, we encourage you to do what you can to help this worthwhile cause!  

We’ll be working on collecting money for Comic Relief in the upcoming weeks, and we’d love if you tweeted us to let us know about any charity work your business is doing!

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