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Building a Buzz: Tesla Model 3

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Building a Buzz: Tesla Model 3

Author: Phil Birss
Posted in Technology on 15th June 2016 12:00 pm

If you’re not a petrol head – or should that be an electric head – then you may not have heard of the mainstream electric car of the future, the Tesla Model 3.

And if you’re not one of the 400,000 people currently on the pre-order waiting list, then you don’t need to have heard of it. But if you are in any way interested in marketing, then this is one of the most exciting examples of building a buzz in recent times.

Through an effective marketing campaign, Tesla have 400,000 customers willing to part with a $1,000 deposit to secure a product when they don’t know its final specifications, the final price they will have to pay and will likely not receive it until 2020.

Every bit of Tesla’s marketing strategy is built around buzz. They do not have a marketing budget. In fact, they haven’t spent a penny on advertising.

Instead they have relied solely on content marketing and have cleverly generated conversation amongst key industry players. This has in turn attracted attention from a wider audience and expanded the company’s reach, allowing their customers to do the marketing for them.

While it helps that Tesla has a new and exciting product to promote and a keen audience of tech lovers, trend followers and environmentalists, it is still a very bold approach for a company which hasn’t even nailed down its production strategy.

Whether the Tesla Model 3 will live up to the hype is yet to be seen, but whatever happens marketers will be watching with an eagle eye how this buzz building campaign continues to develop before the release of the car – whenever that will be!

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