How We Work

Brand as the foundation

A brand is much more than a slogan or an ad campaign – it is the sum total of how the public perceives your business or organisation. And, much as you might want to control it, at times it has a life of its own.

Your mission should be to shape and evolve your brand by making sure that you have a clear message which is delivered consistently. If you don’t have an overarching vision of what your brand is then you may well be promoting a confusing message.

  • The first step is to define why people should choose you over the competition. This is called Brand Strategy.
  • The next step is to create a Brand Identity for the business that reflects the organisation that you are aspiring to be.
  • Finally, a Brand Guidelines document will help you to ensure that your messaging and visual identity remains consistent.

Website as the digital hub

The internet has fundamentally changed how people make purchasing decisions and your website needs to adapt to stay ahead of the competition. Today your customers will research extensively online, read reviews, download reports and participate in forums.

According to the Digital Influence Index, 89% of people will use the internet to find information about products and services prior to making a purchasing decision.

Your website is the front door to your business and it is an essential tool in helping to make a good first impression. It is the place to tell the story of your business, provide quality information about your product/service and entice prospective customers to get in touch.

Marketing that drives growth

Marketing is a process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers. An integrated marketing strategy should consider and include advertising, public relations, promotions, sales and digital.

At the heart of a successful growth strategy is the ability to drive positive customer action through a targeted marketing campaign. With a strong brand and digital hub in place, your next focus should be on creating an effective digital marketing campaign.

Deciding which digital marketing channel to focus time and budget to is a key decision. Combining inbound and outbound marketing will create a perfectly balanced campaign that increases brand awareness and generates new business enquiries.

Tailored Approach

With our core services of Branding, Websites and Digital Marketing, there are two ways we can help grow your business:

  1. Take you through our comprehensive process of creating a new brand/ refreshing an existing one, building a new website platform and creating a powerful digital marketing campaign that will drive positive customer action.
  2. Work with you on an individual element of our process; delivering a brand project, building a new website platform or creating a digital marketing campaign.

The decision is yours, but our job is to advise you on the most effective process to ensure that whatever the outcome, it will make an impact on your business.

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