Global Experience

The World is Smaller

Businesses today can have a truly global reach, but making meaningful connections with culturally diverse audiences can be a huge challenge. Should you take a one-size fits all approach, or customise your messaging to speak to every market that you serve?

Both routes come with challenges: one keeps things simple, while the other comes at a high cost of setup, management and execution. As a creative agency with global experience, we understand these challenges and are well versed in helping organisations successfully navigate the global marketplace.

Elephant Digital works with companies large and small, some with an international reach and some with a very local reach. Our level of care and the process we follow is the same whatever the size and scope of the project.

Our mission is to work with entrepreneurial organisations that are looking to grow, develop and embrace the new digital world to help them do so.

Multi-Region Platforms

multi-regional website is one that explicitly targets users in different countries. Some sites are both multi-regional and multilingual (for example, a site might have different versions for the USA and for Canada, and both French and English versions of the Canadian content).

We have created a range of multi-region websites creating platforms that allow businesses to promote their product or services in multiple operating regions. Recent multi-region projects have included eAsset Management, CSI Energy Group and Whitford Worldwide.

There are various challenges with multi-region websites. Depending on the solution, you may have multiple versions of your site, therefor any issues will be multiplied. The key is to test the default site as thoroughly as possible and make sure you have the appropriate technical support to resolve issues quickly.

Some of the more technical considerations that we work through are domain setup, URL structure, database and file structure, geo-targeting settings, server location and duplicate content. At Elephant Digital, we have extensive experience working through these challenges and providing well-considered solutions.

Language and Cultural Understanding

Business today has a truly global reach, but making meaningful connections with culturally different customers groups around the world can be challenging. The solution depends on many factors, but the basic consideration is should you take a one-size fits all approach, or customise your messaging to speak to each market that you serve?

We have created a range of multi-language websites allowing users to read the page text in their native language. Recent multi-language projects have included Sci-Tech Daresbury, Liverpool School of English and Whitford Worldwide.

We have a long and successful relationship with our chosen language translation partner – ITL International. ITL provide our clients with a robust and fully project managed language translation service.

With 35 years of experience and a track record of working with global brands, such as Bentley, Exova, The Co-operative and Rolls Royce, they are well placed to provide all you website translation requirements.

International Marketing Campaigns

Once you have established a clear brand strategy and built a global website platform, your objective then is to build brand awareness for the organisation and generate more new business enquiries.

A global marketing campaign has the same base-level complexities of a single nation campaign, combined with the challenge of scaling effectively and reducing the impact from cultural differences in each region.

We have delivered a range of international marketing campaigns focused on lead generation and building brand aware. Recent international marketing campaigns have included Yet2, CSI Energy Group and Whitford Worldwide.

Do you have an international marketing project for us?