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How to market commercial office space | Podcast interview with Chris Musson

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How to market commercial office space | Podcast interview with Chris Musson

Author: Phil Birss
Posted in Podcast on 26th October 2018 9:41 am

How to market commercial office space?

We sat down with Chris Musson, Chief Executive of Liverpool Science Park to discuss his digital transformation journey promoting one of Liverpool’s ‘best-kept secrets’ in terms of commercial office and laboratory space. The question of the day was – How to market commercial office space?

Since joining Liverpool Science Park in 2009, Chris has transformed the park from a publicly funded project into a self-sufficient, profit-making, commercial enterprise.

In his spare time, Chris loves loading the car to travel round Europe as well as being a Director of his beloved Clitheroe FC.

Extracts from the interview

Phil: When you retire what would you like to be best known for?

Chris: I think certainly in terms of I’ve always worked on the assumption very few people changed the world. So I think in terms of I’d like to think in my little world whatever my little world was. Most people thought he brought something interesting to it and made it look to how I did things and thought actually he can look himself in the eyes as well so effecting some change in the world that I operate in. But I’m a strong believer in how you do things as well

Phil: Rumour has it that your first job was out there selling franking machines. Tell us a bit about that?

Chris: Well that was my second job! When I graduated I was looking for a graduate job in my hometown and found a role as a  marketing assistant with firm looking for a graduate trainee. The job had marketing in the title but it was basically a designer role working on new designs for socks, or something like that.

Phil: When you joined LSP, what was the marketing at the time?

Chris: We worked with a local a local PR firm called Active Profile who were very good and got the PR machine cranked into gear from the start. We tried to focus on getting our story out there with articles and press releases. It was the days of newspapers and BBC North West television slots. The challenge in raising our profile was, although we had been here for a long time, people were still confusing us with the Wavertree Technology Park and The Innovation Park on Edge Lane.

Phil: You’re quite focussed on your segmentation and the types of business that you want at the park. You call it a gateway policy?

Chris: Yes. So I like people who use brain power to create money. How you get in front of those people? That’s the real challenge.

Phil: Am I right in thinking that there’s only a certain amount of new buildings you can launch until the PR machine starts to run out of fuel, and you have to think about a different way of getting the message out there and attracting new tenants?

Chris: Yes, i think you you fill a new building in that first flush of interest and its great because you don’t need PR at this point. But beyond a certain point when (that building) is full the question is how to we make sure we maintain the quality of people we want to come here. I think there is something around the old certainties have gone. People don’t read newspapers anymore. We have got to stay real, so I knew we had to do things differently. I think it is clear to me now that you have to have lots (multiple) ways of getting in front of people now.

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